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Troutline Gel Spun Ultra Flat Thread 100DEN 100m

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Troutline Gel Spun Ultra Flat Thread är gjord av GSP (Gel Spun Polyethylene) precis som Sumo Thread. Skillnaden är att denna tråd är helt platt.
Denna bindtråd passar fint till streamers eller större torrflugor och nymfer.

 100DEN - 6/0

Feature Highlights:

  1. Strength: Gel Spun Ultra Flat Thread is incredibly strong, often stronger than traditional threads like nylon or polyester. This strength is particularly useful when tying large flies or when additional strength is needed.

  2. Low Stretch: Gel Spun Ultra Flat Thread has minimal stretch compared to other threads. This lack of stretch allows for better control and precision when tying flies. It also helps in transmitting more sensitivity when fishing.

  3. Thin Diameter: Despite its strength, gel spun thread has a thin diameter. This characteristic allows fly tiers to create neat and slim bodies on their flies without adding bulk.

  4. Smooth Texture: Gel Spun Ultra Flat Thread typically has a smooth texture, making it easy to work with. However, some tiers find it a bit challenging to work with when adding dubbing. Using a small amount of wax can help with this.

  5. Dyeing: The spun thread can be more challenging to dye compared to other threads, and as a result, it's often available in limited colors, commonly black and white.

  6. Versatility: It is used for a variety of fly patterns, including nymphs, streamers, and saltwater flies. Anglers appreciate it for its strength and thin profile, which is crucial in certain fishing situations.

  7. Resistance: Our  Gel Spun Thread is resistant to UV light and abrasion, making it durable in different fishing conditions.

Technical Thread Details:

  • Standard spools
  • 100m of spools
  • 100DEN 
  • between 8/0-6/0
  • Breaking strength: 3.96kg for black color, 3.62kg for white color
  • elongation 3.70%
  • Multi-filament polyethylene
  • Non twisted -fibers are parallel
  • Super easy to unravel


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